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In Maryland, first degree murder, second degree murder, and manslaughter are among the most serious charges that can be filed against someone. Considered felonies under Maryland State Law, with capital punishment or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole both as possible consequences, it is essential that you look to the Law Offices of Gerstenfield & Demirji, PC for a trusted attorney to represent you in court. Time is of the essence, so if you or a family member has recently been charged with murder, attempted murder, or manslaughter we highly advise you to call us for a criminal defense lawyer today.

First Degree Murder in Maryland

If you have been charged with first degree murder there are a few things we would like you to know. Under Maryland Criminal Code 2-201, first degree murder is defined as a murder that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Was the murder premeditated, willful, or deliberate?
  • Was the murder committed by a person who waited for the victim to arrive, otherwise known as lying in wait?
  • Was the victim murdered by poisoning?

Indeed, most murders are committed during the commission of another serious crime like burglary or rape. Maryland Criminal Code considers murders a first degree offenses under concrete circumstances. If you have been convicted of murder while committing another crime such as…

  • burglary
  • escape from a correctional facility
  • carjacking
  • kidnapping
  • rape or sodomy
  • armed robbery

…then it is imperative that you contact the Law Offices of Gerstenfield & Demirji, PC, so that we can begin the process of helping you to justly explain exactly what happened. Our homicide lawyers will help you fully understand your charges. In some cases, even if the act is not considered premeditated due to a lack of planning, Maryland can still find you guilty of first-degree murder if your alleged crime meets other criteria.

If you are charged with attempted first degree murder and a homicide did not take place, an accused suspect can still face charges under Maryland Criminal Code 2-205. This crime is still a felony like first degree murder; however, the prosecution is unable to seek capital punishment for the accused. The maximum penalty for attempted first degree murder is life imprisonment.

First degree murder sentencing in Maryland is tough on those convicted under 2-201, requiring that one of three sentences be handed down by a judge upon conviction. Sentencing can range from execution to life imprisonment, to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. If you believe you may face such charges call us today so that we are able to gather every detail of your case and help you overcome these harsh penalties.

A first-degree murder sentence of death can be handed down by way of Maryland State Code 2-202—Subtitle 3 of Title 2. Life imprisonment without the possibility for parole can be handed down under Subtitle 3—2-203 and Subtitle 3—2-304 under Title 2. Capital punishment will be determined by separate sentencing following a guilty verdict for those accused of first-degree murder. In order to seek the death penalty, the prosecution must submit a request 30 days before the trial begins.

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