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Meet Attorney Robert Demirji

Robert Demirji

Robert is a trial lawyer who fights to defend and protect his clients from over-zealous prosecutors, close minded police officers and a criminal justice system that favors fast plea deals.

Mr. Demirji has extensive knowledge in both criminal defense and traffic matters. Robert is an amazingly effective and truly gifted litigator and advocate. There is no problem too great or dilemma too difficult that Robert cannot solve. Among journeymen lawyers, Robert is universally recognized as a master. But, what really distinguishes Robert as among the elite of trial lawyers is the warmth and compassion he brings in resolving the seemingly unsolvable legal issues that many his clients face.

Mr. Demirji is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, Maryland. He speaks fluent Arabic and is of Lebanese descent. In his spare time, he plays basketball, soccer, and enjoys outdoor activities.

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Robert Demirji 
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