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Walt S.

I was falsely accused by some low life, while I was driving to work, I supposedly assaulted this individual with my car, no injuries, no nothing, magically a “witness” appeared out of nowhere, coincidentally it was his girlfriend, perhaps a despicable attempt to make a quick buck.
I couldn’t believe, I was in such a predicament; after doing my research, I contacted Gary in the evening, it was after five, so his office was closed, left a message, I thought someone will call me tomorrow; Gary himself returned my call later that evening and told me to come to see him tomorrow. From that moment he assured me that everything was going to be fine. The case took a turn were the judge believed this individual and the fabricated witness despite the fact six character witnesses spoke on my behalf. Gary said we will appeal to the circuit court; there he was able to get the charges dropped, everything due that he pointed out all the inconsistencies and contradictions found in the first hearing. We didn’t even go to trial due to all this, even Gary told the prosecution, good luck convincing the jury, that this is not BS. My eternal gratitude to Gary, Robert, Jim, Sarah and Iris, from the beginning they were extremely nice and professional. So if you need a lawyer, Gary is your guy.

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