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Category Archives: Criminal Procedure

talk to police - interrogation
Do I Have To Talk With Police?
What to Do? “THE POLICE WANT TO TALK WITH ME” A recurring and troubling theme in my practice is that clients come to see me seeking advice after having spoken with police. In most cases, they have given both recorded and written statements. In some cases, my initial meeting comes after my clients have had multiple sit-down conversations with i [....]
Charged Versus Arrested
Being "charged" is the initiating process in which an individual is accused of committing a violation of law.  It is basically the part where a person is formally accused.  The violation can be anything from a minor traffic infraction, such as speeding to something as serious as murder.  Police officers have the authority to file charges indepen [....]
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Ask a DUI Attorney: Will I Go to Jail
for a Second DUI in Maryland?
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DUI stop
Hiring A Good DUI Attorney in Maryland
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